A positive path for spiritual living

Wednesdays Together with Rev. Jesse James

Leaning into the power of prayer together – Wednesday evening, September
4 at 7 p. m. with Rev Jesse and Lavonne on the crystal bowls. This will be an
evening of soul nourishment for ourselves first, and then sending these
beautiful vibrations out into our world. It will be a “great lean” in for our
time of Unity’s World Day of Prayer on September 12. Our prayer tsunami
will be more powerful if you join us!
Where there is light in the soul
there is beauty in the person -
Where there is Beauty in the person
there is harmony in the home-
Where there is harmony in the home
there is honor in the nation-
Where there is honor in the nation
there is peace in the world.
Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 7:00pm