Three smiling people volunteering

Volunteer Teams

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."   -Mahatma Gandhi

We all have sacred gifts and wonderful talents to offer one another. These offerings are woven together to create a tapestry of kindness and compassion...a community of love.

We have a thriving volunteer program that offers a place for anyone seeking to share their talents and passion. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our office by calling (770) 534-0949 or by emailing unityofgville@gmail.com. We look forward to talking with you about any of our volunteer teams.


BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Josephine Sherwood, President; Darlene Becker, Vice President; Lavonne Hoglund, Secretary; Cindy Balkstra, Treasurer; Terri Kelley, Member-at-Large 

BOOKSTORE: Lynn White, Lead; Marian Stoneman, Mary Tovar (inactive)

CELEBRATION TEAM: Cindy Balkstra, Lead; Marlon Balkstra, Darlene Becker, Robert Becker, Jo Sherwood, Prayer Chaplains

PRAYER CHAPLAINS: Darlene Becker and Lavonne Hoglund, Co-Leaders; Darlene Becker, Anne Hammer, Sheri Johnson

CONGREGATION CARE (Special Occasion Cards): Lavonne Hoglund, Lead; Marian Stoneman

EARTHCARE: P Kay Hambrick, Lead; Lucy Williamson

FACILITIES/MAINTENANCE: Marlon Balkstra, Rick Gadbois, Scott Bellamy

FINANCE TEAM: Cindy Balkstra, Lead; Lynn White, Rick Gadbois

GREETERS: Annie Murphy, Lead; Patricia Bonaparte, Terri Kelley, Russel Teasley, Lucy Williamson

(GROUNDS CREW: Terri Kelley, Jo Sherwood, Julian Williamson, Lucy Williamson) *


LABYRINTH: Sheri Johnson, Dan Paschel

MINISTER SEARCH: Lynn White, Lead; Darlene Becker, Rick Gadbois, Jeanette Lewis

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Lynn White, Lead; Marian Stoneman, Lavonne Hoglund

PHONE TREE: Lavonne Hoglund, Lead; Anne Hammer, Cindy Balkstra, Darlene Becker, Rick Gadbois, Jo Sherwood, Helen Vaughn, Lynn White

PRAYER TEAM: Darlene Becker and Lavonne Hoglund, Co-Leaders; Cindy Balkstra, Marlon Balkstra, Ariel Boyd, Rick Gadbois, Anne Hammer, Annette Hinton, Sheri Johnson, Terri Martin Kelley, Jere McMahan, Barbara Schaeffer, Jo Sherwood, Marian Stoneman, Sarah Swoszowski, Rev David Torres, Helen Vaughn, Lynn White, Leslie Wilson

SACRED SAFETY: Darlene Becker, Lead, Mike Arnold (w/Sb’H), Marlon Balkstra, Lavonne Hoglund

SPECIAL GROUPS: Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, Liaison

*No longer serving. 

Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, Volunteer Liaison