Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs

It's great to have you visit our site. A full list of Unity's beliefs is under the 'What is Unity?' tab. You may be wondering about Unity of Gainesville in particular. So, What Do We Believe?

Our Mission/Core Values Statement

We are a loving, inclusive community, practicing Spiritual Truth through service, gratitude and prayer.

Our Vision Statement

God, Manifesting as each of us, powerfully transforms  the world through shared spiritual awakening.

Our Values







Five Unity Principles

*There is only One Presence and Power active in my life:  God, the Infinite Good.

* In God's image and likeness, I'm created to fully express my Christ potential.

*Divine Truth as thoughts held in mind manifests after its own kind.

*In daily silent meditation, I come to know the presence and power of God from within.

 *I live in Truth I know in faith and understanding with ease and grace today.