Board of Trustees

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Lay Leadership

The Board of Trustees is an elected governing body that represents the interests of the congregation and also participates in and supports the vision set forth by the spiritual leader. 

With a deep understanding and knowledge of the ministry purpose, this body upholds all duties decreed in the by-laws.

What does it mean to be a board member at Unity of Gainesville?
We hold these attributes outlined in the bylaws as ones to which we aspire: 

  1. Active membership of UGG
  2. Endeavor to live in accord with the Christ Principles of Love and Truth as taught by Unity
  3. Attend church services on a regular basis
  4. Work to further the purposes of this ministry through active interest, love and support
  5. Be sincere and continuing student of Unity classes, always remaining conversant with its teachings
  6. Be a regular contributor of time, talent and treasure
  7. Demonstrate willingness to be part of the process of the church
  8. Demonstration of leadership capabilities

Meet the 2023 Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, President   

Scott Bellamy, Vice President 

Cindy Balkstra, Treasurer 

Lavonne Hoglund, Secretary 

Terri Kelley, Member at Large

Mary Tovar, Member at Large

If you are interested in board service or learning more about leadership opportunities at Unity of Gainesville, please leave a message for our Spiritual Leader at 770-534-0949.