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Unity World Day of Prayer 2020

Standing In Truth, I Move From Fear To Faith

Join with people all over the world as we stand together and pray.
September 9 and 10, you can participate virtually by visiting Unity.org/WDOP

Here at Unity of Gainesville, the church will be open Thursdyay, September 10, 5:00-7:00 pm.
Come, sit, pray. We invite you to prayerfully walk the inside canvas labyrinth or walk the outside Peace Labyrinth anytime on Thursday.

*Safety protocols will be observed* 

We had a wonderful time of prayer and oneness on Thursday, September 10th, as we observed, along with people all over the world, Unity World Day of Prayer 2020.

Here, we felt it was important to share the experiences of some of our participants:

"I am fortunate I live in a nation of freedom of speech and religion.  In this room I experience that freedom completely, flowing from each of us gathering in the ethers, discovering the oneness we all are—All of Us One.  What one of us does, all of us do.  When I walk into the labyrinth I take that first step towards the center.  I let go of all that separates us from each other, from truth, and from love.  I leave fear at the door and as I move towards the center, I allow the creator of all, the universal energy GOD, to manifest what I cannot do alone.  The timing is divine and I let go so I can experience even more freedom and truth and feel and understand this connection with the All, the One.  And upon my exit—I move towards Love, Joy, Peace and say Thank you All.  It is complete." 

"Walking the labyrinth reminded me of life in general.  Too often we take a path not knowing where the path will lead but trusting in the process.  If we remain on the path, it will lead to a destination.  It’s up to us to make certain that we’re choosing the path that will benefit us the most." 

 "I sit here at peace.  Closeness to Spirit.  The feeling of being filled with the goodness which passes all understanding is mine.  I am touched as I gaze into the peaceful presence of the Buddha.  The altar with the light-filled angel, the candle, and the prayer box.  The laughing Jesus picture.  All these are my companions on this journey.  The labyrinth—a sacred walk, with butterflies stitched at each corner, to lighten my steps.  I am blessed.  Oh Holy Night!"