A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Message - Rev. Tracey Quillen

Are You Tapped In or Tapped Out?

The western way of thinking urges us to check off our list one project after another, mission accomplished. Then there is another one waiting around the corner. Check. Done. Next. The question bodes, what did you do along the way? What did you do to absorb the JOY? What did you do to create JOY? Did you take the moment to LIVE IN JOY? Many of us push so hard that we don't hold "personal space" and time for self-care. We don't make time for ourselves to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment. Let us come together and explore different ways to enjoy THE JOY.

Great music today by Kristen Justice

Rev. Tracey Quillen graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and received her ordination as a Unity Minister June 15, 2020. Unity has been Rev. Tracey's spiritual practice for nearly 30 years. She has served her home church, Unity North Atlanta, in Marietta, GA, as Chair of the Board of Directors, Prayer Chaplain, Uniteen Teacher and volunteer in many capacities. Prior to answering the call to ministry, Tracey had a 27 year career in banking as a leader and senior manager in business development.

Today, Rev. Tracey is passionate about connecting folks in a sacred, safe space to explore and express their divine gifts. Rev. Tracey believes deeply in setting intentions, infusing those intentiions with creative energy, and stepping into the limitless magnificence that is our birthright!

You can follow Rev. Tracey on her website: https://qministries.net/