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Sunday Message - Rev. Robin Volker

6 Week Series - Lessons of the Turtle: Living Right Side Up
Week 6: The Lesson of Energy

Have you noticed that our 6 week series titles (lessons) have spelled out an acronym? The word is CHANGE. C (Choice) - H (Honor) - A (Affirmation) - N (Now) - G (Goals) - E (Energy).

Today's lesson is on Energy. It is true that we do better with a little help from our friends. "Friends pick us up when we stumble, show us a better direction...and encourage us on our way."  We need our friends in order to live a life that is right side up.  Turtle learns that "this life is a group outing."  We cannot go it alone.  We are a social people, and we need each other.  Join Rev. Robin for a Sunday focused on friends and friendship.  It is so good to come together and support each other. 

Beautiful music by Jennifer Ferren.


Rev. Robin Volker is the senior minister of Unity of Gainesville. Please visit our 'Meet Our Minister' page for a special message from Rev. Robin.