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Sunday Message - Rev. David Torres

Finding the Beauty in Change

Often when we find ourselves in the midst of change, we can't find the value or the beauty. We just want it to be over so we can get back to normal. If we can shift our focus to what is good and positive about change, it will be easier to get through. Sometimes we have an 'ending' before the new is ready to be born. It is during these times that we are open to our hidden creativity and infinite possibilities. Let's explore some ideas that may have been overlooked.

Wonderful music by Kristen Justice

Rev. David Torres is a Unity Minister, Spiritual Coach and inspirational speaker. Rev. David was ordained in 1997 and has grown churches in California, Oregon, Indiana and Tennessee. He is all about service, listening and healing, mind, body and soul. Rev. David provides a calming energy to center and soothe the soul.