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Sunday Message - Rev. David Torres

Celebrating the Divine Masculine

Rev. David Torres

We will attempt to go beyond the physical flesh and bones father idea and explore the idea of spiritual qualities in each of us that are masculine in nature. Unity minister, Rev. Phil Pearson, has promoted the idea that of the twelve powers, first introduced by Unity's co-founder, Charles Fillmore, 6 are masculine in nature and 6 are feminine. We will explore these masculine spiritual principles knowing that they are universally available to everyone.

Beautiful music provided by Don Gnecco.

Rev David Torres was ordained by Unity School of Christianity in June 1997.  He was the Vice President of his class and had received two scholarships.  The first was from the Men of Unity.  They made full payments of tuition for the full two-year program. David served as their chaplain.  The second was from Unity school for “Outstanding Ministerial Consciousness”.  He has held paid positions in Unity of Auburn, Ca., Sunrise Unity, Ca. Unity by the Bay in Coos Bay, OR., Unity of Louisville, Ky., Unity of Evansville, In., and retired from Unity Church of the Cumberlands in Cookeville, Tn at the end of January 2018. He was the UMMAS treasurer for 4 years and served as Cruise Director this past September at Kanuga. He is a trained Mediator from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center and has a private coaching practice. He is currently living in Greenville, SC with his wife of 17 years, Susan, and is focused on photography, writing his book Moments in Time” a transformational journeyand having fun. He has also studied and trained as a Unity Certified Church Consultant.  He remains very active in the UMMAS area and looks forward to visiting our church. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 11:15am