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Sunday Message - Rev. Danny Spears

The Morning After

Most of us have at least heard of--and at least a few of us experienced--what is sometimes called "the morning after." Too much food, drink, social media, news, passionate political debates--all these things and more can lead to not only physical but also spiritual "dis-ease."

The days following the 2020 elections probably feels like the morning after for some folks. In fact, given all the outward manifestation of division we've witnessed, it seems rather counterintuitive--to say the least--that we are all connected. So how do we reclaim this teaching? How do we heal?

Awesome music by Jennifer Ferren

An ordained minister in MCC since 2001, Danny is a spiritual traveler whose journey began in Pentacostalism and continued through what is sometimes called "Progressive Christianity." A student of Unity and the teaching of yoga, he completed Unity's SEE program in December 2020.

Danny and his husband, Richard, share 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and are currently enjoying life in the foothills of North Georgia in Canton.