A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Message - Jennifer Ferren

Thank You. Thank You Very Much!

How often do you exclaim to yourself, “HEY! This stuff really works!” Well of course it does, thank you very much! The world keeps turning, a new day always arrives and life evolves, and how do we pray through it all? We ask for what we need, give thanks that it’s already done and suddenly it is! Jennifer Ferren will help us explore how, as we keep our expectations focused on the positive, we can manifest the highest & best for ourselves and for our world.

Gratitude + Confidence = A Clear Path Forward

We can't help but feel positive about Jennifer also providing this Sunday's music!

Jennifer Ferren has been traveling the world for over 20 years, sharing her unique blend of positive message and music. Her mission is to transform hearts and minds by expressing love, joy and laughter through her words and songs.