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Sunday Message - Jeanie Ward

Coming Home to Your SELF

On our soul’s journey we often find ourselves feeling lost, separated and even homesick. Frightened and confused, we anxiously look outside ourselves for something or someone to soothe our discomfort and cure our dis-ease. When we reawaken, we begin to remember our truth, returning home to our Self; realizing “home” is always within us, deep within our heart.

"As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets cleaner and cleaner." ~Rumi

Wonderful music by Jennifer Ferren.

Jeanie is a dynamic and gifted motivational speaker, and Holistic Life  Transformation Coach. Her 35 years of professional and personal experience, intuitive gifts and proven, practical wisdom has inspired thousands of people to awaken to their magnificence, and create a fulfilling, purposeful and abundant life.