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Safety Protocols for Re-Opening

Unity of Gainesville Welcomes You Back

Please read before you enter the building.

We have established safety protocols to which we ask everyone adhere. We appreciate your help in reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19. 

  • If you are sneezing, coughing, not feeling well or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick, please stay home and attend our virtual church opportunities.

  • If you have a compromised immune system and are considered “at risk,” please stay home and attend our virtual church opportunities.

  • Face masks are to be worn by attendees while inside the building.

  • Use the hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

  • You are asked to maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone who is not from your household.  We ask that you refrain from hugs, handshakes, and holding hands.

  • At the present time, we do not offer coffee, the Bookstore is self-serve, and Youth Church remains closed. 

  • During the Offering Opportunity, you will be invited to take the Sacred Walk of Abundance to share your financial love.  The offering basket will be placed on the altar table at the front of the church.  At the designated time, you may come forward, maintaining the six-foot distance, to share your gift. 

  • For ease of giving, you may choose to download the GIVE+PLUS Vanco Services APP for your smart phone.  You can read about the advantages of this APP on our website.  Look for it in your APP store.

  • Please sit according to your family unit size. Individuals, please choose an individual chair, reserving grouped chairs for couples and families.

  • At this time, we will not engage with congregational singing. Our wonderful musicians will provide opportunities for our spiritual experience.

  • To exit – those attendees who wish to limit exposure and go directly to their cars will be allowed to leave first.  Those who wish to engage in conversation outside while maintaining the six-foot distance will then exit.  Families may wish to exit through the left side door and fellowship (at a distance) in the breezeway.   

  • Fellowship and conversation may continue in the parking lot and portico, always maintaining a 6-foot distance for everyone’s comfort and safety.

  • Also, in these challenging times, please help us ensure that Unity of Gainesville remains a politically neutral campus. Let us see Unity and be Unity while we are here in this sacred space. Thank you for honoring this request.