A positive path for spiritual living

Rev. Jesse James "Prayer: Our Miracle Connector" with Don Gnecco

If you choose, Sunday, September 1 can be
your entry into a month of exploring that miracle connector more deeply in
your life. It is a special month of prayer connection in our World Wide Unity
movement. We will be joining this celebration with a 24-hour prayer vigil
here at Unity of Gainesville. Prayer is the most powerful agent for change
on the planet! The very first World Day of Prayer in 1994 came together
with this intention: “We believe prayer can raise the consciousness of the
world. Prayer changes lives. Prayer heals. Prayer can bring peace to
individuals and to nations. With the state of our world right now, it seems
like a most auspicious time for this journey together. Will you join us?
Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 11:00am