A positive path for spiritual living

Rev. Jesse James "Burning Bowl & Letters to God"

In Biblical times, those who were freed from prison where given a white stone to carry so that the public would know they had served their sentence.   Often times, they were also given a new name to help them start over.  The taking of a new name also is a symbol of spiritual growth and transformation.   In our White Stone Ceremony, each person will be given a white stone from the Holy Land.  After a time of contemplation and prayer, you will have the opportunity to choose a name or word that will be your guiding inspiration for the new year.  With your new name and new stone, you will walk free of past limitations and live more fully into the Truth of whom you are.  This ceremony is led by Rev. Jesse James with special music by Rev. Todd Glacy.

Sunday, January 5, 2020 - 11:00am