Rev. Jesse James

Rev. Jesse James on abstract background

Vibrating God Consciousness

I love starting the new year, don't you? Starting the new year is like finishing a much-loved book and maybe reading it again. Our Unity principles and practices are like this for me. Every year I look at how I can live these a little bit deeper and more fully. This is what we will be exploring together and see if there is maybe something new for each of us to bring alive and embody in 2023 - perhaps a new perspective on something already loved and treasured. Hope to see you there!

Rev. Jesse Aliene James

Jesse was the Senior Minister of Unity of Greater Portland (Portland, Maine) from 2001 - 2011.  Before that she was a mom, second grade teacher, and professional figure skater.  More recently she has lived in Florida where she was Gammy to her Grand daughter, Kylee, and shared her wisdom with the local Unity Communities.  Since moving to N. W. Georgia she shares her home with her kitty Lily and continues to guest speak in local Unity communities. Through all of these life incarnations she brings her playful, courageous Spirit.  Her passion continues to be loving herself and others unconditionally into freedom.  “In this simple way we can all celebrate our authentic expressions of Christ Light and live together in a world that works for all”. This is why her former congregation coined the name for her, “Outlaw for Love”.

“The dearest thing I can give is to surface with the sheen of my spirit before you.  And so I look for the truest friendships, watching the deep for spirits to surface all wet with soul.”    Mark Nepo