A positive path for spiritual living

Jeanie Ward with Don Gnecco

Opening the Heart

We know that "thoughts create things" and that "where thought goes, energy flows." These are basic Unity/Life principles.

Indeed, we are creative beings, and the mind is necessary, and logic, and reason are important.  But, there's more.

As mind-oriented beings, it can be so easy for us to get caught up in solely "thinking" our way through life, living in our heads.

When the mind is the main tool we use to navigate through life, we unnecessarily suffer from anxiety, stress, confusion and "analysis paralysis" and more, and find ourselves stuck. When the mind dominates our lives, all the mystery and wonder of life is lost.

Join Jeanie as she inspires us to open our hearts, learning to access a world of wisdom, joy, compassion and peace; equipping us to navigate our human journey with more ease, grace and fulfillment. 

"There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take one with a heart."

Lao Tzu

Sunday, August 4, 2019 - 11:00am