A positive path for spiritual living

Angela Harmon with Kristen Justice

Words are prayers. What has meaning in the heart and mind fuel our lives. Is it love or hate; harmony or discord fueling you? Every individual is empowered with the ability to declare peace and have peace, declare love and have love. declare (you fill in the blank) ____and have (you fill in the blank) ______. Live life by design.

So often people live by default accepting life as the media, family, friends and may say to self the world offers pain, suffering, lack, and not enough.  Once in agreement with a world filled with disasters, you declare “prayer doesn’t work, if it did there would be no war, murder, rape, etc.”

There is always a greater idea revealed in the worst of circumstances. Life infinitely presents wonder, beauty, joy, peace, harmony that emerges out of public and personal 911s. The Power of Prayer has mutual benefits “for where two or more may gather… there am I among them.”  

There’s no denying the ability to think of a person, place or thing and a related event occurs. Sometimes in an instant, within days or years, it’s always in right timing. Affirmative Prayers align and allow life to unfold in divine order, demonstrating life greater than imagined. Ask and it is given….is prayer working.

Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 11:00am