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Unity of Gainesville Youth & Family Ministry

Where our teachings empower youth to express their divine potential.

We recognize that this may be a frightening time for young children and teens. We invite you to remember that God is with you and God is for you. We are here for the duration of this time of feeling unconnected to each other. But please know that we are, indeed, connected. So reach out if you need us and check out the blog from YFM Director, Helen Vaughn. It's full of ideas to help you and your family get through this time together. Helen will regularly post ideas and suggestions for helping you and your children

Our Mission is to provide youth and families a loving, inclusive community, inspiring Spiritual growth through service, gratitude and prayer

Our Virtual Sunday Sessions are FUN and LIVELY!


  • Sunday Sessions are FUN! and LIVELY! with Uniteens of the SE Region. Uniteens and Leaders are WELCOME to join us each Sunday at 10:00 AM EST for one hour. Just register here. Get the flyer
  • Art Meditation with Josie for Y.O.U.
    Hey guys! Are you interested in a really cool meditation? Grab a few art supplies, click this video link and Zen out....

Spirit Quest

 Leadership training is a time to build those teen leadership skills for your local Y.O.U. chapter and  Regional positions.  You will be immersed in all things Y.O.U. - Leadership skills training, how to write Sunday lessons, how to promote your Y.O.U.  through marketing & communications.  Why it's important to do service projects and fundraisers.  Why the "Joy Song" team is cool and gain a better understanding of the regional positions and the commitment involved to participate in each.

This year's IYOU (International Youth of Unity) event was virtual!

Grab the flyer and meet the new SE Region Leaders and IYOU Ambassadors. CONGRATULATIONS!

Wednesday Nights with Y.O.U.

The co-Regies of the SE Region are hosting a new mid-week session! These fun sessions are led by our teens, so if you're looking for a middle-of-the-week spiritual pick-me-up, this is the place for you! Check out the flyer
You can register right here

FOOD...FUN...FRIENDSHIP - Celebrating Easter




















We had so much fun celebrating Easter with family and friends! We had great food, a super-fun egg hunt, prayer flags, t-shirts, stories and we learned a ton about the Easter story. Besides all of that, we even had and a wonderful visit from the Easter Bunny!

Check out some of the pictures taken by Josephine Sherwood.

What a great way to learn about Holy Week!

Hey Families! Be sure to watch and listen to Ms. Helen read the Easter Story. Click here

We welcome you and your family to our spiritual community and honor your child's uniqueness by providing a well-rounded curriculum. Unity Worldwide Ministries publishes lessons for youth using a Living Curriculum. This philosophy uses experiential creative expression to "draw out" the Truth and Wisdom that already dwells within each child.

Our Youth Ministry Program runs on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. in the W.E.B. behind the sanctuary at the same time as the adult service. Experienced teachers and volunteers guide youth using Unity principles through story and Biblical explorations, lively discussions, creative expression, games, song, and team-building activities. Join us if you are interested in community SERVICE, SPIRITUAL growth, SKILLS development, and SOCIAL connections.

Come experience the Joy!!!


Unity of Gainesville Youth and Family Ministry Director, Helen Vaughn

Meet the DirectorHelen is a retired educator and the mother of an adult son raised on Unity principles. She offers decades of experience working with youth and their parents in educational, recreational, and spiritual settings. She has experience with all school age groups as a counselor and has classroom experience with middle- and high-school youth. She maintains her Educational Specialist certification and is a National Certified Counselor. Helen has been serving youth in the Unity Ministry since 1996 and is a Licensed Unity Teacher and Certified Spiritual Educator. Helen brings her love for children and a passion for creative expression to the Unity of Gainesville Community.


Youth Blessing

When we look into your eyes, 

we see the face of God and know God's love.

May you always see and feel that love reflected in us.

May you know the presence of God is always with you.


Unity parenting messages archived at Unity Online Radio - Unity Family Matters 

Youth and Family Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide youth and families a loving, inclusive community, inspiring Spiritual growth through service, gratitude and prayer.

Sunday Youth Programs begin at 11 AM  for Unikids, Uniteens and Youth of Unity, in the W.E.B. building behind the sanctuary.  Adults: please bring youth you are responsible for to the W.E.B. between 10:45 and 11 a.m.  It’s best for everyone, if we can greet each other and start on time.  In good weather, the playground and labyrinth are available before and after services with parental supervision.

Unity of Gainesville’s youth program is filled with love, acceptance, spirituality, fun, games, outreach opportunities and so much more. Our lessons promote life-long qualities that enhance a child’s spiritual and emotional development. These lessons are always an extension of the five unity principles.

Preschoolers to teens explore spirituality, using living curricula based on Unity principles. The living curriculum approach honors the wisdom within each child.  It uses questions to draw out the truth one already knows by using stories, science and creative experiences.

Unity teachings empower the youth to honor the Divine Truth at the core of all religions and to celebrate oneness in spirit with nature and humankind.

**In the rare event that a child becomes inconsolable or unmanagable for longer than 10 minutes, we will seek the parents to help resolve the challenge.

Unitots – Age:  1-3 Years

The Nursery  Please let us know in advance when nursery services are needed. UOG has a desire to create a safe and loving space in order to build a foundation of trust for the youngest participants by reinforcing love through play, games, song, art and other creative expressions.

Unikids – Age: 4 Years – 5th Grade

Our Unikids explore Unity teachings through the Bible and other key resources with games, arts, crafts, food, drama, and music.  They learn that love is unconditional and everywhere present. Because children learn through multiple intelligences, our program is designed to allow all children the opportunity to engage, explore, enjoy, and draw on their inner wisdom.

Teen Ministry
(combined or separated activity depending on adult supervision)

Uniteens Age: Middle School 6th-8th Grade or equivalent

Uniteens come together to learn Unity Principles and how they apply to their lives, to share fellowship in a safe environment, and to be supported in their spiritual growth and development. Uniteens are Truth students seeking to develop self identity during their rapid physical and emotional development. On Sundays, Uniteens meet to explore Truth, and its application in their lives through a meaningful spiritual lesson. Throughout the year there are regional opportunities and service projects.  These activities are guided by adult Sponsors and break out sessions when available. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact the church office.

Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) Age 9th 12th Grade

Y.O.U. is comprised of teens in high school, or the equivalent. The purpose of  Unity of Gainesville’s Y.O.U. is to unify all young people through leadership and student led organization.

This is accomplished through skill development, service, social and spiritual activities. These teens also have opportunity to attend subregional, regional and international events. These activities are guided by adult Sponsors and break out sessions when available. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact the church office.

**Youth angels are adult volunteers from the congregation who generously donate their time to fostering spirituality in Unity’s next generation. They receive a background clearance to work with youth. Please contact the church office, if you would like to be apart of this energetic team.

More fun and interesting things to check out:

Check out the Mother's Day message from YFM Director, Helen Vaughn: Click here

We're interested in your opinions about reopening for youth in the church and also about how you feel about volunteering with the youth. A link to both surveys can be accessed below. Simply open each survey, save it to your pc, fill it out right online, and email it as an attachement, to YFM Director, Helen Vaughn. Here's Helen's email address:

  Parents Reopening Survey

  YFM Volunteer Survey 





Overview: Unity of Gainesville is a community where youth are guided on a positive path for spiritual living using practical Christianity. Isn't that exactly the kind of place you want to see your children develop? Children and teens are an important part of the Unity family. The goal of this spiritual life center is to create a dynamic and caring environment where young people can safely explore their Christ-nature and express their full potential. Unity of Gainesville provides a safe, supportive, loving environment where youth explore spiritual principles applicable to their daily lives.