A positive path for spiritual living

Unity's 5 Basic Principles

  1. There is only One Presence and One Power, active in the universe and in my life- God, the good, omnipotent.  The Five Principles were written to provide tools for daily living and suggests answers to the great questions of existence that humans have been asking since the dawn of conscious awareness.
  2. And this shows up as our 2nd principle which is “Christ in you, your hope of Glory.”  We believe that each of us has the same inherent divinity that Jesus Christ expressed fully.  And we are on this earth plane, at this time, to express our Divine nature in any and every given moment – as fully as we can.
  3. In order to help us do that we have a spiritual law called “The Law of Mind Action.”  This states that “thoughts held in mind, reproduce after their kind.”  This means that whatever we think and feel, in combination, long enough and strong enough, we will experience in our lives in some way.
  4. And to help us gain clarity on our thoughts and feelings we practice the 4th principle which is daily prayer and meditation.  Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we can change any limiting beliefs that are not congruent with our Christ nature.
  5. And the 5th principle is ACTION.  Action is setting our intention on living the rich, fulfilled life that God has intended for us from the very beginning, through the use of spiritual principles.  Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, said that, “The Truth you know is the Truth you use.  Otherwise, it is only theory and has no power to change your life.  ”We use these 5 principles on a daily basis – and in all life situations to help keep us in the flow of well-being – and to have a greater awareness of God’s presence.