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Silent Retreat with Rev. Jesse James

Day of Silence


Facilitated by Rev. Jesse


I hope you can join me for this day of silent infilling from silence, breath, nature   (weather permitting) and joined consciousness.  I call this cocooning.  Like a butterfly goes into its cocoon for the transformative process, so must we spend time in silence to give spaciousness for the transformative process to unfold within us.  It is a time of nurturing our souls with deep listening.    There will be a little instruction and gathering together in circle but mostly we will walk, sit and eat together in silence. If you have never attended a silent retreat, it will be gentle exploration for you of how this could serve you and your greater community.  If you have done other silent retreats, this could be a time of returning and homecoming.  Perhaps this could even be a wonderful new tradition for a mindful way to start your new year.   Namaste!  This is offered on a Love Offering basis.


Date:  January 26, 2019

Time:  10 – 3:30

Place:  Gainesville Unity

Please bring a bag lunch 


Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 10:00am to 3:30pm