A positive path for spiritual living

Rev. Robin Volker with Cindy Balkstra & Dennis Noonan

Rev. Robin will begin a 4-part series, inspired by the work of Wayne Muller in his book, "How Then, Shall We Live?"   On this Sunday, Rev. Robin will address the question, "Who Am I?"  Beneath all the stories of our past, beneath our joys and sorrows, we have within us an essential nature that is whole and unbroken.  What is this true nature, and how do we find it?  If we can take nourishment from this inner strength and wisdom, we will find great peace and courage. 
In this talk on Who Am I? I will explore our inner hidden wholeness, what shapes our wholeness, and how do we stay connect to our wholeness even when we aren't feeling it.
Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 11:00am