A positive path for spiritual living

A Letter from Rev. Robin

Dear Unity Friends,

Catherine Ponder shares An Ancient Thanksgiving Success Formula with her friends and readers through her website.  In it, she recounts the Biblical thanksgiving ritual of “faith offerings” before the people embarked on any change in their lives.  Before a journey, a battle, or when facing any crisis, the people gave offerings to the priests and temples in faith that their endeavors would be successful. 

Upon returning from such an experience, they would go directly to the priest or temple and give a “thank offering” in appreciation for the blessings received and those that would be forthcoming.  This sealed their new good and made it permanent. 

At Unity of Gainesville, we give thanks for our many Unity friends.  We are thankful for those who call Unity of Gainesville their spiritual home and for those in far-away places who support us with their prayers and gifts.   Your monetary gifts help us to continue to be a thriving Unity Spiritual Center.

We have so much for which to be grateful.  This year, we have laughed a lot, shared a lot, and sometimes we cried.  We have seen friends and loved ones transition back to the Pure, Positive Energy of Eternal Life.  We have studied together, prayed together and fellowshiped together.  Gratitude for all of life resonates within and without our walls. 

At the Volker household, our gratitude list is long.  We celebrate the abundance of many good things in our lives.   At the top of my list is Unity of Gainesville and all that this opportunity of service means to me.   Because of you, I am truly blessed. 

As you celebrate your Thanksgiving Day with your own ritual of faith and thanks, know that you are in our hearts and in our prayers; for when we count our blessings, we are counting you among them.

Blessings and best wishes,

Rev. Robin