EarthCare Resources for Families

EarthCare Resources for Families

Earth Day was April 22, 2021. We're excited to share with you some great resources to help you celebrate too!
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Nature is surely the glorified face of Good. See the beauty about you and you do see the manifestation of the infinite Mind. —Myrtle Fillmore

Walk the Talk -- Excerpts from Beth Remmes

As the EarthCare message seeps into the hearts and souls of our youth, they may be inspired to start a project here at Unity of Gainesville.

Some examples of what this ministry group can look like in action are:

  • Book club and/or Family film discussions on environmental topics

  • Outdoor garden and/or tree planting – With Linda Crowe our youth can see some of the fruits of their labors from last year particularly in the play ground

  • Local service projects/community outreach (e.g., pick up litter in surrounding parks) I would like to recommend that our youth help keep the labyrinth  and playground free from weeds and walk the creek and collect trash.

  • Field trips to sacred sites or nearby trails

  • Church Recycling… Our youth reap the benefits of our recycling and were able to buy new folding chairs for the craft room with the money collected

  • Assist in changing lighting to LED or more economic bulbs

  • Become a hub for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivery

  • Plant a community vegetable or herb garden

All of these possibilities will not only help to retain and invigorate youth,, but can excite current adult members as well, but they also have the potential to attract new members.  

 There is synergistic relationship between planetary and personal well-being; the needs of the one are relevant to the other. It offers the promise of connection: the inner with the outer, the self with the other, the ordinary with the sacred, and the person with the planet. The above suggestions may help your congregants uncover and experience the interconnectedness of our lives and the natural world, and discover that when we heal our lives, we also help to heal our collective experience on planet earth. This is also a perfect way to bridge the generation gap and for youth and adults to work together on a shared purpose.


Music can be such a moving part of a Unity service.

Here are some song suggestions to use during services, youth classes or at home.


Unity Worldwide EarthCare Ministries has an official song, I Dream by Unity’s very own Lisa Firestone.


Additional suggestions:
Better World by Soul Majestic

Blue Boat Home by Peter Mayer

Circle of Life by Elton John

Conviction of the Heart by Kenny Loggins

Earthlings by Here II Here

Fragile by Sting

Gaia by James Taylor

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands by Etta James

My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper & Jack Johnson

Nature by India.Arie

One World (Not Three)/Love Is the Seventh Wave by Sting

Rising Green by Katherine Rhoda

Shall We Gather at the River? by Randy Travis

The Oneness of Everything by Jim Scott

Turn the World Around by Harry Belafonte

Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World  IZ Kamakawiwoʻole