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"Spiritual Partnerships" by Jesse Herriott

What would you do if you discovered that you are not alone in the universe—no really; what would you do if you discovered that in your darkest hour, you didn’t have to feel the heaviness that comes during those times. If you’re like myself, my personal dark nights of the soul typically come when I feel I “always” must deal with the circumstances of life within the bubble of my own existence.

Rev. Steve Bolen "This Life Is Joy – Remembering that Lasting Joy is Our Divine Birthright!"

A good friend and colleague, Dr. Roger Teel, authored a book a few years back entitled “This Life Is Joy” – “Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly and Happily.” It is one of my favorites. 
As I recently contemplated being with you this Sunday, April 15, my clear guidance was to speak on “Joy,” -the kind of joy that is deeply rooted in our higher Self.

Your Journey in Unity

I was reflecting this day on my journey in Unity and wondered if any of you had done this recently as well.  For me it has become a rich practice to see from whence I have come and where I am now.  Finding Unity and the 12 steps brought me back to God with much healing.   What is your story?

Youth & Family News

It’s Spring! The children and teens are feeling it, too; there's a magic, a sense of freshness, of looking forward to new experiences.

Our volunteers, Marianne Scott, Linda Crowe, and Chantaal Lebay, along with the assistant teachers, Halley Smallwood and Kayla McGrew, have been busy getting ready for spring.


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