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Youth & Family Newsletter December 2019

The cool promise of winter has flown in on the winds of fall. Our children anticipate the approach of Christmas and all the joy that it brings. This past summer, our Uniteen children quested together with other regional youth to build community.  They served the Atlanta area food bank, learning about their own divinity and their power to generate love.  This triggered their desire to do something similar in the Gainesville community, and resulted in them collecting food for GA Mountain Food Bank.

Ode to Thanksgiving by Annette Hinton

Yellow leaves are falling like gentle rain outside my office windows.  They circle slowly in a stately dance that calls my attention away from the computer screen.  It is 78 degrees today, and I finally turned the air conditioner back on.  Where is fall?  Wasn’t it only a week ago that tiny goblins chased witches and ninja turtles across our yards asking for candy treats?  It was warm that evening too, so fanciful costumes were in full display not hidden under jackets and long pants.  Not too warm to lite a bonfire to chase away any thoughts of chill and sip m

Unity Metaphysics on Halloween by Helen Vaughn, LUT CSE NCC LPC

Through the decades thoughts about the long standing American tradition of Halloween has shifted. Back in my day families and children roamed the blocks of the city hood in all kinds of home made monster masquerades and masks...from witches to hippies, from zombies to rock stars, from skeletons to clowns. Few worried about our motives, our cavities, our safety, our religious leanings.

Reflections from Helen Vaughn, Director of UoG Youth and Family Ministry

The youth have experienced so much growth during this year of 2019. They have helped provided blessing bags to those less fortunate, volunteered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank where their shift sorted over 8,000 pounds of food that will feed 5,000 families, and they have helped beautify the church grounds with flowers that will draw butterflies.  All of these activities provide each of us to experience transformation in our daily lives.

2019 Annual Congregational Meeting

Each year, Unity of Gainesville holds a congregational or members meeting to give you updates on the accomplishments of the past year, the present financial condition, and other church business.  At this year’s meeting, we will also elect a board alternate and make a revision to our by-laws. 

Copies of the suggested By-law change are on the back table at the church and also can be accessed through this link:

Reflections from Helen Vaughn, Director of Youth & Family Ministry

     At the beginning of a new year we often find ourselves reflecting on our mission to see if we have accomplished what we set out to do or if we need to make adjustments along our course. I have read that a pilot on an airplane is off course more than 90% of the flight time.  Pilots are constantly adjusting get back on course avoiding other air traffic, watching weather patterns, and catching tail winds while trying to stay on schedule. Adjusting is a natural part of the journey, and we do finally make it to our destination.


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