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Practices for the Mystic - Rev. Robin

Last Sunday, I spoke on Practices of the Mystic’s Path.  Who is the mystic?  You are the mystic because you are a seeker.  Four practices that I talked about were miracles, angels, forgiveness, and meditation.   I received a lot of positive comments on this talk, especially on the part about angels where I shared a bedtime prayer.  I thought it worthy of sharing it here for all our readers.

Four corners round my bed.

Four angels round my head.

One to watch; two to pray.

"Spiritual Partnerships" by Jesse Herriott

What would you do if you discovered that you are not alone in the universe—no really; what would you do if you discovered that in your darkest hour, you didn’t have to feel the heaviness that comes during those times. If you’re like myself, my personal dark nights of the soul typically come when I feel I “always” must deal with the circumstances of life within the bubble of my own existence.


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